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My interests: Project, program, and data management; market research, digital strategy, and program planning; change management; technology adoption; books, movies, nature photography, and letter writing.

My current focus: big data project planning & management. Selected documents and document collections in .pdf format are here. Also, follow me on Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+.




No More Surveys!

  • Excerpt: “Here’s my new policy: if you want me to respond to a survey either online, in person, or via telephone, please tell me in advance: Who is paying for the survey? Who is conducting the survey? When can I get a copy of the results (not just cherry picked results, either). Can I provide open-ended comments or suggestions especially when the question or its wording is confusing or apparently biased? Where can I get data on response and completion rates?”

Embracing Your Dead Linkedin Connections

  • Excerpt: “Today I received a LinkedIn connection recommendation for a beloved neighbor who died more than five years ago.”

On Managing Health Data Programs: Some Thoughts After the Health Datapalooza Conference

  • Excerpt: “An important thing about digital data is the ease with which it can be transferred across borders of all kinds – institutional, geographic, organizational, and physical. Sometimes these borders are pretty porous. At other times, “cultural” resistance to transferring and using data in new or different ways can be quite strong.”

What Kind of Management Structure Is Needed to Govern a Data Analytics Program?

  • Excerpt: “There are a variety of models the organization can follow with an initial design being driven by which users and uses cases will be targeted, how much support (and of what kind) will need to be provided, how the data to be analyzed will be gathered and managed, and the extent to which the organization’s processes and deliverables will be open or shared.”

Do Health Data and Metadata Ownership Licenses Help or Hurt Innovation?

  • Excerpt: “We see how the current web of licensing agreements is hobbling cable TV operators as they find themselves having to compete more and more with web based streaming services. Isn’t it also possible that similar restrictions regarding health data and metadata might provide similar challenges to creating new and beneficial products and services from shared data?”

Book Review: Alix Christie’s GUTENBERG’S APPRENTICE

  • Excerpt: “The public sale of the mechanically printed Bible and its positive reception was the outcome of many years of experimentation, hard work, political intrigue, religious subversion, even imprisonment.” 


  • Excerpt: “Understanding something about how this is all done is one more step in understanding what separates humans from other life forms.” 

Learning From General Electric’s Big Data Challenges

  • Excerpt: “Where once you sold machinery, now you sell the means to control the machines. Plus, you can now bring in contextual and environmental information to augment and help manage not only the machines you sell but also the machines (potentially made by other companies) that interact with your machines.

How Important Is “Perfect Data” To Your Data Analytics Program?

  • “While I’m all for taking a strategic view when considering how to best organize and manage an organization’s data, it’s also possible that taking too “strategic” a view can lead you down the path of too much analysis, especially if you have to document for the first time the degree to which your various systems and applications depend upon each other for data.”

Regarding Big Data, One Manager’s “Resistance” Is Another Manager’s “Caution”

  • “Given the wide variations that currently exist in most organizations in understanding the ins and outs of managing current data governance and analytics practices, it’s not surprising that bringing in potentially “disruptive” technologies will be even more of a challenge.”

Should  Clinical Trial Data Sharing Be a Precondition for Refereed Journal Article Acceptance?

  • “To appreciate some of the implications of the recent proposal by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) to make consideration of journal article acceptance contingent upon the author’s agreement to share de-identified clinical trial data with other researchers, as reported by NPR, some context is appropriate.”

Horatio Nelson, Dwight Eisenhower, SharePoint, and Big Data

  • “Some organizations will be well prepared to make use of such tools especially those for which data and data analytics are already accepted as standard operating procedures. For others, significant challenges might exist due to continue reading

Developing a Basic Model for Data Analytics Project Selection 

  • Turning attention to the “front end” of big data project management by focusing on strategy & planning.

The Tip of the Spear: Connecting Big Data Project Management with Enterprise Data Strategy

  • The challenge is not how to manage “big data” projects, the challenge is to decide which big data projects to manage. 

Understanding the Challenges of Big Data Project Management: “The Data Must Flow”

  • “If what Nate Silver said in a recent presentation is true – “Big Data has Peaked, and that’s a Good Thing” – perceptions about big data are maturing.”

Needed: Better Integration of Project Management and Data Management

  • These days when you read about big data or if you attend conferences or webinars you’re more likely to read about products and tools. You don’t hear as much about “back room” management issues you need to address to make sure all the members of the project team are sharing information and marching in the same direction.